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2019 Election

2019 Call for Nominations

Nominating petitions will be available and accepted by the Election Committee between December 3 and December 14, 2018.  Completed nominating petitions ***may be electronically submitted*** to Rob Fuller ( or hand-delivered to any of the following locations by 5:00 PM E.T. on Friday, December 14, 2018.

Robert Fuller x2-6300 Alexandria HQ - KNX 2C05
Thane Underdahl 303-297-4299 Rocky Mountain Regional Office - BRB 15140
Maria Edwards 408-918-7686 Silicon Valley Regional Office - SJC 273

Call for Nominations (PDF File)

Officer Nominating Petition (MS-Word Doc) Petition due by 5 PM E.T. December 14, 2018.

Representative Nominating Petition (MS-Word Doc) Petition due by 5 PM E.T. December 14, 2018.

Note:  Electronic signatures are acceptable.  To obtain an electronic signature, nominees must send an email from their USPTO email to the signer's USPTO email requesting electronic signature.  Signer must respond with an email in this form:

"I, ***, nominate *** for the position of ***.  /***/"

Example: I, John Doe, nominate Sally Smith for the position of Treasurer.  /John Doe/

Violations of the Election Committee bylaws (available here) can be reported confidentially to the Election Committee at

Nominees must submit the nomination form and a copy of each email response containing the electronic signature.  In the signature space on the nomination form, nominees must write "see email," rather than signing for the signer.  This packet can be electronically submitted to or hand-deilvered to any of the locations listed above.