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**Silicon Valley PTOS** End Of The Quarter Coffee Run


***Silicon Valley PTOS***


In an attempt to boost your morale at the end of the quarter, PTOS would like to treat its members to a Starbucks!


Who: PTOS members


What: Your personalized cup of Joe


When: Thursday June 21st around 10am


Where: Your office


Why: Because we care


If you are interested in coffee please email Ryan your personalized Starbucks order by June 20th.  Loan and Ryan will go over to place the orders at 9:30 so your coffee should be ready at 10am.  Your PTOS representatives will then bring the coffee to your office.  If you are not a PTOS member you can sign up through  To place your order or if you have any questions email Ryan Clark at

Today is Thursday September 20, 2018

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