2022 Election

Vacancy on the Board for TC2800 Representative

Nomination form. Please submit to both thane.underdahl@uspto.gov and robert.fuller@uspto.gov by 3 PM on Friday Aug. 26th, 2022.

To obtain an electronic signature, nominees must send an email from their USPTO email to the signer's USPTO email requesting electronic signature.  Signer must respond with an email in this form:

"I, ***, nominate *** for the position of ***.  /***/"

Example: I, John Doe, nominate Sally Smith for the position of TC2800 Representative.  /John Doe/

Nominees must submit the nomination form and a copy of each email response containing the electronic signature.  This packet should be emailed to both robert.fuller@uspto.gov and thane.underdahl@uspto.gov.

2022 Election Results

The 2022 PTOS Election will take place from January 11-13, 2022

Please watch your USPTO email inbox on January 11 for an email containing your login information for the 2022 Election.

Slate of Candidates for 2022 Election - Asterisk denotes incumbent - Click names for more information

President  Rebecca Eisenberg*; Timothy Hsieh; Stephen Yanchuk
Vice President  Luther Behringer; David Lotter
Secretary  Ryan Clark*
Administrator  Luther Behringer
Treasurer  Matthew Troutman*
 HQ / Shirlington / Hoteling Representatives
 TC 1600 (2 positions)  Rayna Rodriguez*
 TC 1700/2900 (2 positions)  Brandon Rosati; Holly Thurman*
 TC 2100 (2 positions)  
 TC 2400 (2 positions)  William Kim*; Angela Nguyen*
 TC 2600 (2 positions)  Joshua Schwartz*
 TC 2800 (2 positions)  David Lotter
 TC 3600 (2 positions)  Anand Loharikar; Catherine Loikith*; Jeffrey O'Brien*
 TC 3700 (2 positions)  Anne Kozak*; Keith Raymond*
 CFO/CAO/CIO/OPIM (1 position)  Rex Rooker*
 Trademarks (2 positions)  Cheryl Butler*; Monique Watts*
 Director's Office / PTAB / Policy and Int. Affairs (1 position)  
 OPLA/OPQA/All Others (1 position)  Fred Guillermety*
 Regional Representatives
 MWRO (Detroit) (1 position)  
 RMRO (Denver) (1 position)  Katie Gerth*
 TXRO (Dallas) (1 position)
 SVRO (San Jose) (1 position)  Brent Fairbanks
 At Large Representatives (10 positions available)
Jessica Arble*
Luther Behringer*
Philip Bonzell*
Ryan Clark
Ryan Donlon*
Stephan Essex*
Robert Hodge
Kang Hu*
Anne Kozak
Anand Loharikar
Catherine Loikith
Razu Miah
Angela Nguyen
Jeffrey O'Brien
Anna Pagonakis
Keith Raymond
Brandon Rosati*
Joshua Schwartz
Holly Thurman
Matthew Troutman
Shelby Turner*