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      Date: Jun  5, 2018


When: Sat, June 23, 2018 @ 07:00 PM to 11:45 PM
Where: Embassy of Italy
3000 Whitehaven St. NW, Washington, DC

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VIP ticket - $80/person
HURRY! Limited Tickets available!


- The Majesty of Palermo;
- The Glory of Taormina;
- The Beauty that is Siracusa

Tonight, travel thousands of miles away and hundreds of years in the past without ever leaving Washington, DC. In a rare opportunity, step on to Italian soil for a very special and elegant evening celebrating Sicilian culture at the Embassy of Italy.
As you enter this incredible and beautiful Embassy, be transported to perhaps one of the most admired countries in Europe. Experience an Italian and Sicilian evening filled with Italian food, open bar, dancing, opera, film, and more!
This classic celebration has been one of the hottest tickets to attend in Italy for centuries. Tonight, we invite you to come masquerade style (optional) and dance as they did on the most elegant of dance floors and ballrooms of Palermo and in the streets of the Sicilian countryside.

In addition, a portion of tonight's proceeds from each member will go towards the American Cancer Society.

- Champagne Reception
- Dinner
- Italian Open Bar
- Italian and Sicilian Desserts
- European Ballroom Music (8:30pm to 10:30pm)
- Sicilian Ballroom Dance Presentation & Lesson
- Sicilian Opera Presentation
- Late DJ & Dancing
- Win a trip to the Caribbean
- Charitable Contribution

***QUESTIONS:  This event is NOT being organized directly by the Embassy of Italy.  They are not receiving profit from this event and are not involved in the day to day organization or planning of this event.   We are the primary organizers of the event.  If you have questions, please do NOT call the Embassy. Please call us at 301 519 8030 or email

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Event hosted by PTOS International Relations Committee, working with ThingsToDoDC.
Tickets must be reserved online at
*Reminder, by placing an order on the PTOS reservation system, you are responsible for the payment, unless you find a replacement.

PRICE:  $80/person (VIP ticket) for members and family (up to 2 ticket total)
DRESS CODE: Black Tie Optional. Minimum of Suit & Tie for men. Casual wear, jeans or sneakers prohibited.

Limited to ONE member and ONE guest! Orders for more than 2 are subject to cancelation! All reservations must be reserved and PAID for by Jun 20th, @ 5PM

Cash and Check Payments can be made to: PTOS, Attn Kang Hu RAN 10B19; Anand Loharikar, KNOX 5B35

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Please direct any questions to: Kang Hu (01344) or Anand Loharikar (28756)