Categories: Announcements
      Date: Dec 19, 2019
     Title: PTOS 2020 Election Ballot

Dear PTOS Members:


The candidates for the 2020 Election are listed below, and can also be accessed here:  Please note that members are encouraged to run as write-in candidates for any position for which they are eligible, so long as the Election Committee rules are followed during the campaign.  The rules can be found here:


The Election will take place from January 8-10, 2020.


2020 PTOS Election Candidates (asterisk denotes incumbent)




President: Robert Hodge*

Vice President: Rebecca Eisenberg*

Secretary: Ryan Clark*

Administrator: David Lotter*

Treasurer: Matthew Troutman*


HQ / Shirlington / Hoteling Representatives


TC 1600 (2 positions available): None

TC 1700/2900 (2 positions available): Brandon Rosati*, Holly Thurman*

TC 2100 (2 positions available): None     

TC 2400 (2 positions available): William Kim, Angela Nguyen*

TC 2600 (2 positions available): Joshua Schwartz*

TC 2800 (2 positions available): None     

TC 3600 (2 positions available): Anand Loharikar, Catherine Loikith*, Jeffrey O’Brien*

TC 3700 (2 positions available): Jessica Arble, Anne Kozak*, Keith Raymond*

CFO/CAO/CIO/OPIM (1 position available): None              

Trademarks (2 positions available): Cheryl Butler*

Director’s Office / PTAB /  Policy and International Affairs (1 position available): None     

OPLA/OPQA/Others (1 position available): Fred Guillermety*


Regional Representatives


MWRO (Detroit): None

RMRO (Denver) Katie Gerth, Emily Morgan

TXRO (Dallas): Neel Patel*

SVRO (San Jose) : None


At Large Representatives (10 positions available):


Samantha Abraham*, Jessica Arble, Luther Behringer*, Philip Bonzell*, Brian Delrue, Alex DeVito*, Ryan Donlon*, Rebecca Eisenberg, Stephan Essex*, Shon Foley, Rebecca Fritchman, Fred Guillermety, Robert Hodge, Kang Hu, William Kim, Anne Kozak, Anand Loharikar*, Catherine Loikith, Emily Morgan*, Angela Nguyen, Seahvosh Nikmanesh, Jeffrey O’Brien, Keith Raymond, Brandon Rosati, Joshua Schwartz, Holly Thurman, Loan Truong*, Shelby Turner*