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      Date: Jul 20, 2020
     Title: Virtual Guided Wine Tasting & Lecture: Thursday July 23 @7:30ET

Virtual Guided Wine Tasting & Lecture: Thursday July 23 @7:30ET


July 23 @7:30ET - Bordeaux Exploration of Whites & What is Semillion?

"I don't drink white wines"

"I only drink red wines"

"Does Bordeaux even make white wines?"


We have these virtual meetings to help cure the disease of the above statements!

White wines are a wonderful tool to test the senses.

Aromas leap out the glass and ignite your senses, acidity dances on your tongue, and your pocket book typically won't catch fire.


We will have two Bordeaux whites, both from the Graves region, one of Sauvignon Blanc and one being a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Put your senses to the test and be a champion if you can find elements that are different AND elements that are the same!


*If you can’t get the specific bottles, No biggy! Grab any Semillion or Sauvignon Blanc and join the virtual meeting.


Fun Fact: Did you know that aroma is the smells of a wine derived from the fruit but bouquet is reserved for the smells derived from process of fermentation and aging?


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How to Participate

1.      YouTube: Search YouTube for “Wine Broski” when the lecture time has come and it will populate with the link. This is perfect for anyone that wishes to just watch and not participate in the conversation or webcam interactive portions.

2.      WebEx:

a.      You can use your work computer

b.      You can send the link from your work computer to your personal laptop and call in

                                                    i.     Audio Cell Phone “Call in”: Easiest, but the quality won’t be as good and it is a little awkward to be on the phone and webcast as well

                                                   ii.     Audio Google Voice “Call in”: Register a number on Google Voice, Use GChat @ to place the call. This will allow your computer microphone and speakers


A look behind the scenes from our last virtual guided tasting & lecture

All are welcome to join us!


*******SAVE THE DATE! *******

Aug 6 @ 730ET



1.      NO other time is provided for this event

2.      Participation is considered “off duty” time

3.      Live streaming via YouTube should be with personal device ONLY



Stephen Yanchuk has scheduled this WebEx meeting.


Wine Club: Bordeaux White Exploration

Host: Stephen Yanchuk


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Access Information


Meeting Number: 995 979 942

Meeting Password: 429554


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Access Code:

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