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      Date: Dec  8, 2020
     Title: JPTOS Job Announcement: Artistic Editor

JPTOS Job Announcement: Artistic Editor
Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society
107 S. West st #809 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 22314

Artistic Editor
By requirement of Article VII, Section 2(i) of the Society Constitution, Article III, Sections 4 and 5 of the By Laws and Article VII of the Standing Rules of the Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society, a vacancy is announced to all active members of the Society in the position of Artistic Editor of the Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society.

• The Artistic Editor must be an active member of the Society.
• Demonstrated skill set to perform the duties as noted below.
• Experience in typesetting or layout preferred.
•    Responsibilities will require attending monthly Board of Governor meetings

• The Artistic Editor shall be responsible for working with the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) to develop the layout and artistic material of the Journal, typesetting the journal articles in coordination with the EIC and assistant editors, and helping to generate artistic features in the print or digital journal.  The Artistic director shall serve as a non-voting member of the Board of Governors and will work with the EIC and Board of Governors regarding business matters; shall provide monthly reports as set forth in the Standing Rules; and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Governors.  In addition, the Artistic Editor will work with the EIC to manage artistic and layout content of the journal including logo, artistic design, content layout, publishing layout, web art, formatting advertisements, and ensuring the proper ads get placed in each issue.  The Artistic Editor shall also be proficient in publishing software used by the Journal or provide alternatives to the following: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Mactext, Lyx, Microsoft Word to Lyx converters, and Adobe Illustrator.  Additional joint responsibilities include reviewing layouts, determining updates to content and layout, and streamlining transition of articles to final publication.  The Artistic Editor shall also be jointly responsible for coordination of social media related activities and will coordinate with the Web Editor regarding digital content and artwork.  Finally, the Artistic Editor shall gather and organize data and documents pertaining to tools and techniques needed to develop journal materials in coordination with the other staff and volunteers. 

•             All applicants must submit their qualifications statement.
•             A personal interview conducted by the Board of Governors may be required.
•             This position will be filled by majority vote of the Board of Governors with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors of the Society.

Seahvosh Nikmanesh
(571) 270-3522

DEADLINE --  5:00 PM on December 18, 2020