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      Date: Feb 23, 2021
     Title: PTOS Hot Cocoa Bombs

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make hot cocoa bombs?
Join PTOS and Jill from The Chocolatier’s Palette in learning how to make cocoa bomb.

Due to limited class sizes we will have two sessions (you only need to attend one).

When: March 1 or March 2

Time: 8 pm EST

Cost: $1 plus providing your own materials

Zoom link will be emailed prior to the class.

To reserve your spot:



1.     NO other time is provided for this event

2.     Participation is considered “off duty” time

3.     Live streaming via ZOOM should be with personal device ONLY



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Event Questions? Contact Rebecca Eisenberg 





To make a Hot Chocolate Bomb, you’ll need the following basic tools and ingredients.  The numbers and equipment below is for three bombs—a six cavity mold.    If your mold contains more cavities, and you’d like to make more bombs, please adjust the amount of chocolate and cocoa accordingly.



- a silicone mold where the cavities range between 2”-2.5” in diameter. (

- a small microwaveable bowl or large mug in which to melt your chocolate— the BASE of which must be no wider than 4” to avoid burning your chocolate. 

- a spatula or spoon to stir your chocolate

- a plastic “ziploc” sandwich bag (for piping)

- a food safe “paint” brush or regular teaspoon (not to be confused with a measuring teaspoon, which you’ll also need)

- a small tray or flat plate on which to put the flexible silicone mold, so that it will be stable in the refrigerator 

- a barrier sheet between the mold and the tray (of either waxed paper/parchment paper/plastic wrap) on which to fill and decorate your “bombs”


ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS for the basic hot cocoa bomb:

- good chocolate 4oz.   If you want to use chocolate chips, please get chips without any extra additives, such as Trader Joe’s Semisweet chips.

- hot cocoa mix.  A one ounce package is perfect for three or four bombs.


Non-essential tools:

a pair of food safe gloves OR paper muffin liners OR something with a smaller rim than the diameter of your chocolate bomb so that you can rest your bomb atop it.  All will enable you to fill/assemble/decorate it without your warm hands melting into or leaving fingerprints on the “bomb”




- marshmallows

- sprinkles for decoration

- pop rocks

- spices (cinnamon, chili powder...whatever you like!)

- a peppermint stick or a crushed peppermint candy

- a graham cracker (a hot chocolate s’more, anyone?)