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      Date: Dec 29, 2021
     Title: JPTOS Job Announcement: Editor-in-Chief



By requirement of Article VII, Section 2(i) of the Society Constitution, Article III, Sections 4 and 5 of the By Laws and Article VII of the Standing Rules of the Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society, a vacancy is being announced to all active members of the Society in the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society.



•          The Editor-in-Chief must be an active member of the Society and possess at least a J.D. from an ABA accredited school.

•         Demonstrated skillset to perform the duties as noted below.

•         Prior experience editing law review articles (Preferred).

•         Ability to communicate with authors and subscribers as a customer service matter, even under  stressful circumstances.

•         Ability to recruit and maintain a corps of volunteer editors and procure articles.



                Per the PTOS Constitution The Editor-in-Chief “shall be responsible for administering the editorial policy” of The Journal’s Board of Governors in their stewardship of the content of The Journal of The Patent and Trademark Society (“The Journal”).  This includes handling articles during all steps of the editing process from article procurement and selection, through editing of article content, having the articles sent to a typesetter, reviewing the typeset copy for needed changes to generate a final copy, and scheduling that final copy for both electronic and print publication.  Generally, this amounts to between 6 and 10 articles per issue or around 1,000 pages of typeset material each year. 

The Editor-in-Chief will work with The Journal’s staff on the layout of The Journal including but not limited to advertisements, front matter, and rear matter for each of the quarterly issues.  They will also work with The Journal’s staff to ensure that The Journal is compliant with postal regulations.  They will deliver a finished product to the typesetter as well as the printer on a quarterly basis. The Editor-in-Chief will act as a liaison with The Journal’s printer to ensure that the issues are printed correctly and shipped on time. 


The Editor-in-Chief will collaborate on other projects with The Journal’s Board of Governors.   The Editor-in-Chief may be called upon to coordinate with advertiser accounts including providing quotes for advertising space, working with the Executive Director and Financial Director in invoicing advertisers and accepting, proofing, formatting advertisements.  They will work with the Financial Director and/or Executive Director to ensure the proper ads get placed in each issue. 

The Editor-in-Chief shall also review web traffic data to determine successful advertisement campaigns and communicating findings to advertisers in coordination with the Blog Editor, as well as manage The Blog Editor.  The Editor-in-Chief shall also be jointly responsible for coordination of social media related activities including gathering topics of interest and developing and posting content to The Journal’s social media feeds and tracking/ analyzing readership and followers to improve social media content. 

The Editor-in-Chief at their discretion may recruit, train, and manage a staff of volunteer Articles Editors who may assist The Editor-in-Chief with editing of articles and article intake.

The Editor-in-Chief is required to attend monthly meetings of The Journal’s Board of Governors, providing a report at each meeting in accordance with The Journal’s Standing Rules.


               For the first year of this positon The Editor-In-Chief will submit edited articles to The Board of Governors for review and approval just prior to sending the articles to the typesetter, as well as providing the typeset copy to The Board of Governors for approval prior to printing.



•          All applicants must submit their qualifications statement.

•          A personal interview conducted by the Board of Governors may be required.

•          This position will be filled by majority vote of the Board of Governors with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors of the Society.






Joshua Schwartz, Executive Director                (571) 270-7494

Any questions should be directed to Joshua Schwartz as well.


DEADLINE --  5:00 PM on January 18 , 2021


This Flyer Will Be Posted Electronically Twice.  Once At The End Of December And Again In Early January, to account for those members who might not see the original posting due to end of the calendar year holidays and vacations.