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      Date: Jun  9, 2022
     Title: BSA Inventing Merit Badge

We Want YOU! Help the Boy Scouts of America With Their Inventing Merit Badge


The PTOS is looking for volunteers to support the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to help scouts learn about inventions and inventing so they can earn their Inventing merit badge!


Join the Interest Meeting

Tuesday, June 14

1-2 p.m. ET

Call-in: 540-566-5633

Meeting ID: 937 777 661#


About the Program


The USPTO Eastern Regional Outreach Office (EROO) and the PTOS are seeking volunteer Merit Badge Counselors to help scouts complete their Inventing merit badge. USPTO employees are uniquely positioned to speak to intellectual property (IP) awareness, and especially the patent process.


The program will kick off with a hybrid event on Saturday, July 23 in Pittsburgh, PA, during which time the USPTO Eastern Regional Outreach Office, BSA Scouts of America, and National Rory Cooper of HERL Labs will lead an engaging seminar to inspire scouts interested in completing the badge. A virtual makeup session will take place Tuesday, August 2.


After attending one or both kickoff events, volunteers will work with scouts to complete a workbook for the Inventing merit badge. Each volunteer will work with approximately six scouts, and the estimated total time commitment is 10 hours. The program is scheduled to end Sept. 4.  There is no Other Time offered for this program.


Contact EasternRegionalOutreachOffice@USPTO.GOV or Cathy Loikith (PTOS) at with questions, for more information or to volunteer.