Categories: Announcements
      Date: Aug 17, 2023
     Title: AIPLA Meeting Special Rate

PTOS Education and Social Committees announce: PTOS Member Rates* for the AIPLA Annual Meeting and Luncheon! AIPLA Annual Meeting Registration: $100 (Regular price: $145) Keynote Luncheon: $60 (Regular price: $77) (This is an optional add-on when purchasing the meeting registration. Luncheon may not be purchased alone.) *PTOS Member Rates are offered for the first 150 members to sign-up. *MUST be a government employee. The special rates are available until Thursday, August 31 (if not sold-out before this date). Annual Meeting Registration Details October 19-21, 2023 Attend in-person To purchase your American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) Annual Meeting registration, use this registration link: AIPLA 2023 Annual Meeting Registration . The end of the form will direct you to make payment and include your invoice number. As you register for the Annual Meeting, you are also eligible to purchase an optional: Keynote Luncheon Friday, October 20, 2023 from 12:30-2pm Attend in-person As you purchase the AIPLA Annual Meeting using the Registration link above, you will be directed to the PTOS Reservation page where you may optionally add-on the Keynote Luncheon. Again, the Luncheon may not be purchased alone. The AIPLA Annual Meeting is a three-day (October 19-21, 2023), multi-track conference to help 1200+ intellectual property practitioners supercharge their skills and careers. Distinguished speakers present on issues that affect your practice and topics that keep you up-to-date including: • AI 360 + Ethics and Privacy • Extraterritoriality and the Lanham Act • 5 Months Into the UPC: Numbers, Cases and Trends • SEP Licensing and Anti-Suit Injunctions • Trademarks and the First Amendment • Patent Litigation, Funding, and Insurance • 5 Things You Should Know to Run a Successful and Ethical Law Practice • Copyright Implications of Generative AI • Transformative Fair Use after Warhol v. Goldsmith • Enablement After Amgen v. Sanofi • Data and Online Assets in IP Transactions in the US and Abroad • Patentability of Agricultural Biotechnology in Europe, Israel, and Latin America Other time MAY be available under the 16/40 Program with Supervisor approval. Please contact your Supervisor for more details. Event questions? Please contact Anne at or Cathy at