Categories: Announcements
      Date: Jan 19, 2024
     Title: 2024 PTOS Election Results and Notice of Vacancy

Dear PTOS Membership:


Following are the results of the 2024 PTOS Election. Please note that there is a vacancy on the Board for the position of Directors Office/PTAB/OPIA Representative.  This email is considered “notice” of the vacancy under Article V, Section 10(b) of the PTOS Constitution.  After 10 business days from the distribution of this email, the Board may vote a recommended member into this position.  The Board must receive a written recommendation signed by 5 active members from the affected area of representation (i.e. Directors Office/PTAB/OPIA).  A nomination form for this purpose can be found here:  Nominations should be turned in to by Monday, Feb. 2 at 3PM Eastern.


2024 PTOS Election Results




David Lotter

Vice President

Shelby Turner


Ryan Clark


Anna Pagonakis


Matthew Troutman



HQ / Shirlington / Hoteling Representatives


TC 1600 (2)

Rayna Rodriguez, Selam Berhane

TC 1700/2900 (2)

Holly Thurman, Brandon Rosati

TC 2100 (2)

Kevin Lu, Maria Ayad

TC 2400 (2)

Angela Nguyen, William Kim

TC 2600 (2)

Tsung-Yin Tsai, Lewis West

TC 2800 (2)

Leah Rosenberg, Joshua Schwartz

TC 3600 (2)

Catherine Loikith, Jeffrey O'Brien

TC 3700 (2)

Jessica Arble, Keith Raymond


Rex Rooker

Trademarks (2)

Monique Watts, Cheryl Butler

Director’s Office / PTAB / Policy and International Affairs (1)

(Vacant, no candidates, no write-in votes)

OPLA/OPQA/Others (1)

Fred Guillermety


Regional Representatives


MWRO (Detroit)

William Monticello

RMRO (Denver)

Allison Bourke

TXRO (Dallas)

Neel Patel

SVRO (San Jose)

Andrew Polay


At Large Representatives (In alphabetical order by surname)

Luther Behringer

Philip Bonzell

Alex DeVito

Ryan Donlon

Katie Gerth

Rachel Highland

Robert Hodge

Kang Hu

Anne Kozak

Razu Miah