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2003 PTOS Annual Meeting

Unofficial Gazette
Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting
The 2003 PTOS Annual Meeting was held on February 26th, 2003 in the Crystal Forum. Vice-President Meredith Petravick called for the reading of the minutes from the 2002 Annual Meeting however a motion was passed to wave the reading of the minutes until the March Board of Directors Meeting. Chris Young presented the Treasurer’s Report. The awards for 2002 were then presented and are as follows.

Anne Marie Boehler, Administrator for the 2002 Board of Directors, was presented with a Longevity Award for her ten years of service on the Board of Directors.

The Order of the Ant Awards for 2002 were presented to the following people: Elizabeth Dougherty, Matthew Smith, Steve Hanson, Kathleen Kerr, Arpád Kovács, and Joselyn Sliteris.

The Grand Ant Award, given to the volunteer who embodied the spirit of volunteerism for the PTOS in 2002, went to Reginald Bragdon. As a member of the Membership and Social committees, he gladly accepted tough assignments with a smile. He is an invaluable member, who is always willing to do more than his share.

The Outstanding Service Award, established in 1978, is given to a member of the PTOS who has contributed years of hard work to the Society or has a significant accomplishment which has greatly benefited the Society. A past Outstanding Service Award recipient, Heather Shackelford, gave a brief description of the history of the Award and announced that William Neuder, President of the 2002 Board of Directors, was the recipient of the award this year. Unfortunately, Mr. Neuder was unable to attend the meeting and was presented his award at a later date. Mr. Neuder has made extremely significant contributions to the Society over the years. He is a tireless worker who has served on Board of Directors of the PTOS for many years, has been co-chair of the Social Committee, and has been involved in the International Relations Committee. Mr. Neuder is known as a great motivator and cheerleader of the PTOS and those around him.

Treasurer Chris Young and President William Neuder was presented with the Outgoing Officer Award.

The 2003 Board of Directors was introduced as well as the new Journal Business Manager, Tariq Hafiz.

The speakers for the 2003 Annual Meeting were Director John Doll (TC 1600), Greg Beyerlein (ITRP), and Kristin Schmidtfrerick (ITRP). Director Doll spoke about e-Phoenix, an electronic version of the paper file wrapper. The system is being piloted in three art units, 1634, 2827, and 2834. e-Phoenix is an image based application that contains every incoming and outgoing communication; a paper file will remain the official record. Mr. Beyerlein and Ms. Schmidtfrerick spoke of the specifics of the system. Director Doll answered questions regarding e-Phoenix. Director Doll, Mr. Beyerlein, and Ms. Schmidtfrerick were presented with a copy of the first patent in appreciation for taking the time to speak to the PTOS.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m. Please join us at the next Annual Meeting in February 2004.