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The Distribution Committee is responsible for the dissemination of the Society’s announcements. Announcements are distributed to the PTO’s Weekly USPTO Weekly (when appropriate), the PTOS website, bulletin boards located in the kitchens of each building, and the email list server.

Distribution Chair
Keith Raymond
(571) 270-1790

Specific email lists for each of the satellite offices and surrounding Hotelers are currently being generated and updated (satellite office events will also be posted to the PTOS website announcements and calendar and will be posted as flyers at the satellite office). If you would like to be added to a specific satellite office email list please contact a distribution committee member below.

Distribution Satellite Office’s Points of Contact

Dallas Office
Joseph Finan
(469) 295-9091

Silicon Valley Office
Ryan Clark
(408) 918-7606

Denver Office
Emily Morgan
(303) 297-4387

Detroit Office
- Contact spot currently open