Outstanding Service

In 1978, the Board of Directors of the Patent and Trademark Office Society (PTOS) established the Outstanding Service Award to recognize individuals who have made outstanding and significant contributions to the Society.  In 2007, the award was renamed for Richard T. Stouffer, who won the award in 1983.  Rich epitomizes outstanding service to the PTOS - volunteering his time, energy and ideas for over 35 years, including 30 years as an active member of the Board of Directors. 


Each year, the Outstanding Service Award is presented at the Society's Annual Meeting when the recipient receives public thanks for their exceptional volunteerism to the Society.  The award is not meant to be the conclusion of service to the PTOS, but an acknowledgement of past accomplishments and a "thank you in advance" for continued volunteerism.  A committee consisting of all past recipients of the award makes the selection each year.



Richard T. Stouffer Outstanding Service Award Recipients


1979  Frederick C. Edmundson

1980  Davis T. Moorhead

1981  Robert M. Kilgore

1982  Gerald Goldberg

1983  Morris Kaplan

1984  Richard Stouffer

1985  Stanley D. Miller

1986  Louis S. Zarfas

1987  Craig R. Feinberg

1988  J. Michael Thesz

1989  Raphael B. Penland

1990  Paul A. Bell

1991  Jim Davie

1992  Fred A. Silverberg

1993  Merrell C. Cashion, Jr.

1994  Rolfe Hille

1995  Thomas Waltz

1996  Renee Luebke

1997  Judy Swann

1998  Gary Paumen

1999  Elizabeth Dougherty

2000  Karin Tyson

2001  Al Smith

2002  Heather Shackelford

2003  William Neuder

2004  Matt Smith

2005  Anne Marie Boehler

2006  Christopher Young

2007  Kathleen Bragdon

2008  Pierre Vital

2009  Eric Keasel

2010  Tonia Dollinger

2011  Michael Mansen

2012  Richard Ellis

2013  Kevin Ellis