Hoteller Outreach

Member resources available to hotelling society members

Regional E-mail list
The society has established a regional email list to help target hoteling examiners not being served by either the main Alexandria office or one of the satellite offices. Please add your name to our list to stay informed about opportunities that may come to your area!

Outreach opportunities: STEM and Kids ‘n Chemistry
The society actively encourages members to volunteer in ways to promote the sciences.  One approach that the society has long utilized, is the use of the materials that the Kids ‘n Chemistry committee acquires which includes several chemistry experiments to encourage scientific thought. If you are interested in volunteering time to demonstrate these materials in a public setting (i.e. schools, science fairs, etc.), the society can support your efforts by providing kits of these materials.   The society only asks that you provide a photo of the event or some email correspondence regarding your efforts.  For further information, please contact Luther Behringer or Phil Bonzell.

The society also has a Science Fair Committee that promotes active involvement in science fairs by providing judges to local science fairs.  Please contact Julie Ann Watko or Alan Chen for more information.

Movie Tickets
The society continues to provide movie tickets at a discount rate to Regal and AMC theatres. Click the link below for more information!

Zipcar membership
The PTOS has set up a group membership rate at Zipcar.  Simply visit, click on the “More” drop down arrow at the top of the screen, and select “Zipcar for Business”.  On that webpage, scroll down to find “Join an existing business account” and select “Find my business”. Search for PTOS and follow the link and instructions when they come up.

NCAA Men’s and Women’s March College Basketball Bracket Pick’Em
The society holds an annual bracket challenge for the NCAA Men’s and Women’s March tournaments. Be sure to sign up by noon on the respective start dates for the tournaments at:

Business Cards
The society offers business cards for purchase to the membership.  Simply follow the web address below, and your business cards will be sent to your address.

Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office
The society offers print and web access to the oldest Intellectual Property Journal in the world. An electronic copy of the Journal is included with PTOS membership. Be sure to checking your email for information on accessing each publication.

Financial Planning and Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
Through the Financial and Education Committees, the society offers lectures on financial planning and continuing legal education courses that are often certified by the Virginia Bar.  Many of these lectures are webcast and available for remote attendees.

Annual Meeting
The society has an annual meeting in February that we, as PTOS members, can attend and receive an hour of other time for attending.  It is often in the morning of the same day as member’s night, but not always.  

The society thrives due to the efforts of its membership.  To that end, the chairs of the Hoteller Outreach committee can assist in local events, but we rely on you, the local member, to propose and organize events which we can sponsor.  Please let us know of events or outings you might be interested in organizing!

Luther Behringer (469) 295-9086
Philip Bonzell (571) 270-3663