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Membership Types

Active Membership

Active Membership is open to any employee of the US Patent and Trademark Office who is engaged in the examination of applications for patents or trademarks, or who is engaged in professional work ancillary thereto and holds a position that is rated at GS-7 or above.

Active Membership Application Information & Application Form

Dues are preferably paid by payroll deduction at the rate of $2.00 per biweek, or may be paid by check in the amount of $52.00 per year.

An electronic version of the membership form for joining the Patent and Trademark Office Society is available in PDF format.  It should be printed out and completed.

To join the PTOS via the payroll deduction method, please complete the upper section (below the Privacy Act Statement) and Section B which authorizes the deduction to be taken from your paycheck.  Please include your complete SS# and a handwritten signature, as required by HR.

To join the PTOS by paying dues yearly by check, please complete only the upper section (below the Privacy Act Statement) and mark through Section B, if you wish. Completion of this form by those individuals paying dues by check does not authorize payroll deduction, unless specified otherwise by the individual.

This form must be unaltered and, if appropriate, signed by the individual applying for membership.

The form should be returned to the Membership Committee via any Representative or Board Member, or to the Membership Committee directly. (Do not return the form to USPTO Human Resources.)  The form must be processed by the PTOS Membership Committee in order to assure availability of all member benefits.

The form may be delivered directly to the Membership Committee Chairman, Renee Luebke (JEF 10A11).

Alternatively, the completed form may be mailed to:

     Patent and Trademark Office Society
     107 S. West St.
     Alexandria, VA 22314

Please direct any questions to the Membership Committee Chairperson.

Cancellation of membership in the Patent and Trademark Office Society can only be done by the member, in writing, on the appropriate form.  The form must be completed, signed, and submitted to OHR by the member.  Cancellation can only be authorized after the first anniversary date of enrollment in the PTOS, which is one calendar year from the date of enrollment. The form is available from the Membership Committee Chairman, in exchange for the member's card.  Any questions regarding this should be directed to the Membership Committee Chairperson, Renee Luebke.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership [Online Membership Signup Form] is open to former employees of the Patent and Trademark Office who were previously members of PTOS, or to anyone who is a professional participating in the intellectual property system.

Associate Membership is also open to anyone who is a matriculated student at a school of Law and indicates the intention to participate in the intellectual property system.  A discounted membership rate is available for matriculated students who are eligible for an Associate Membership.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Memberships are offered to distinguished individuals.  Nominations or recommendations for such memberships may be submitted to the PTOS Board of Directors to be approved by vote of the Board.