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Team/Captain List

BULKY SPECS - Jen Button*, Christina Sobral

THE CANGRIS - Jorge Ortiz-Criado*, Omar Casillas

C.R.E.A.M. - Jeremy Barker*, Mandy Moore

DOCKET ROCKETS - Liam Heincer*, Dan Bernstein,  Joe Trpisovsky

GREAT EIGHTS - Howie Reitz*, Paul Nguyen-Ba

THE JUGGERNAUT - Ken Peterson*, Edward Landrum

THE OTHER LUMBER CO. - Michael Keller*, Mike Thier,  Tonia Dollinger*, Joe Haley

NEW MATTER - Rob Hodge*, Liesl Baumann, Bryan P. Gordon

N.U.T.S. - Scott Dodds*, Kyle Armstrong, Nick Smith

OUTCASTS -  George Spisich*, Tom Sweet, Keith Raymond

SPORTSPUB PACK- Matt Sams*, Keith Walker,  Josiah Cocks

*denotes primary team captain for contact, email, weather issues