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The History of the Patent and Trademark Office Society: 85TH Anniversary Edition (1917-2002) Available in November 2003 Posted on: 5th November, 2003

Unofficial Gazette
The History of the Patent and Trademark Office Society: 85TH Anniversary Edition (1917-2002) is expected to reach PTOS members and JPTOS subscribers in November 2003! The History Edition is a compilation of photographs and articles celebrating the Society’s first eighty-five years. Photographs commemorate various member events, award ceremonies, and PTOS memorabilia. Articles range from early JPOS articles to current tributes to Dr. Rossman, namesake of the prestigious Rossman Award, to current Society activities. The History Edition is a celebration of its members and their valuable contributions to the Society and to the intellectual property community. The Edition will be mailed together with the November issue of Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society. In addition, extra copies of the History Edition are expected to be for sale at the PTO Gift Shop and through the Society.

-Jeanne Andrea Di Grazio, History Editor

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