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PTOS Election- Meet and Greet the candidates Jan10


Come to the Lower Atrium in the Madison building on Wednesday morning January 10, from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM to Meet and Greet the candidates for the 2018 PTOS Election.  Free coffee and doughnuts will be provided to members, while supplies last.


PTOS members who would like to run as write-in candidates are also welcome to participate in the event (Feel free to provide a short bio of yourself and bring it to the event, and it will be displayed at the booth).


See the PTOS website at for candidate bios.


Below is the slate of candidates for the 2018 Election (Asterisks denote





President:           Robert Hodge

Vice President:  Rebecca Eisenberg

Secretary:           Anne Kozak

Administrator:   Emily Morgan, Joshua Schwartz*

Treasurer:           Ryan Clark, Matthew Troutman




TC 1600 (2 positions available): Blessing Fubara, Lori Mattison* TC 1700/2900 (2 positions available): Brandon Rosati*, Holly Thurman* TC 2100 (2 positions available):  Jordany Nunez* TC 2400 (2 positions available):  Robert Morlan*, Angela Nguyen* TC 2600 (2 positions available):  Xi Wang* TC 2800 (2 positions available):  David Lotter* TC 3600 (2 positions available):  Catherine Loikith*, Jeffrey O’Brien* TC 3700 (2 positions available):  Ryan Clark, Jonathan Kuo, Keith Raymond*

CFO/CAO/CIO/OPIM:     Arva Adams*

PTAB: None

Trademarks (2 positions available): Cheryl Butler* Director’s Office / OGC /  Policy and International Affairs: None

OPLA/OPQA/Others: Fred Guillermety*

At Large Representative (10 positions available): Luther Behringer*, Philip Bonzell*, Alex DeVito*, Ryan Donlon*, Rebecca Eisenberg, Stephan Essex*, Fred Guillermety, Robert Hodge, Kang Hu*, Anne Kozak, Jonathan Kuo, Anand Loharikar*, Catherine Loikith, David Lotter, Emily Morgan*, Jeffrey O’Brien, Keith Raymond, Brandon Rosati, Joshua Schwartz, Holly Thurman, Matthew Troutman, Loan Truong, Shelby Turner, Xi Wang