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PTOS Virtual Game Night Series

Join your fellow PTOS members for a series of virtual game nights!

Upcoming schedule includes:
• January Games:
o 01/20: Board Game Arena (8pm EST)
o 01/25: Codenames (8pm EST)
o 01/26: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 01/31: Board Game Arena (7pm EST)
• February Games:
o 02/03: Dominion (6pm EST)
o 02/09: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 02/15: Board Game Arena (8pm EST)
o 02/22: Virtual Escape Room (8pm EST)
o 02/23: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 02/28: Board Game Arena (7pm EST)
• March Games:
o 03/09: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 03/15: Board Game Arena (8pm EST)
o 03/21: Board Game Arena (7pm EST)
o 03/23: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 03/30: Codenames (8pm EST)

To participate in any of the above events please access: Sign-up

Events will be held virtually and participants will be provided a link to video chat and interact with other players during the game.
All game information, current schedule and sign-up list can be found via the sign-up link above.

Space is limited. See schedule and sign-up list for availability.

No other time is authorized for these events.
Questions? Contact or luther.behringer2@USPTO.GOV


Dear PTOS Membership:


Following are the results of the 2022 PTOS Election.  Please note that there is a vacancy on the Board for the position of Directors Office/PTAB/OPIA Representative.  This email is considered “notice” of the vacancy under Article V, Section 10(b) of the PTOS Constitution.  After 10 business days from the distribution of this email, the Board may vote a recommended member into this position.  The Board must receive a written recommendation signed by 5 active members from the affected area of representation (i.e. Directors Office/PTAB/OPIA).  A nomination form for this purpose can be found here:  Nominations should be turned in by Friday, Feb. 4 at 3PM Eastern.


2022 PTOS Election Results


Constitutional Amendment: PASSED




President: Rebecca Eisenberg

Vice President: David Lotter

Secretary: Ryan Clark

Administrator: Luther Behringer

Treasurer: Matthew Troutman


HQ / Shirlington / Hoteling Representatives


TC 1600 (2): Lynn Bristol, Rayna Rodriguez

TC 1700/2900 (2): Brandon Rosati, Holly Thurman

TC 2100 (2): Maria Ayad, Kevin Lu

TC 2400 (2): William Kim, Angela Nguyen

TC 2600 (2): Joshua Schwartz, Lewis West

TC 2800 (2): Alex DeVito, Seahvosh Nikmanesh

TC 3600 (2): Catherine Loikith, Jeffrey O’Brien

TC 3700 (2): Anne Kozak, Keith Raymond

CFO/CAO/CIO/OPIM (1): Rex Rooker

Trademarks (2): Cheryl Butler, Monique Watts

Director’s Office/PTAB/Policy and International Affairs (1): VACANT

OPLA/OPQA/Others (1): Fred Guillermety


Regional Representatives


MWRO (Detroit): David Posigian

RMRO (Denver): Katie Gerth

TXRO (Dallas): Neel Patel

SVRO (San Jose): Brent Fairbanks


At Large Representatives: Jessica Arble, Philip Bonzell, Ryan Donlon, Stephan Essex, Kang Hu, Anand Loharikar, Razu Miah, Anna Pagonakis, Shelby Turner, Tonia Dollinger




When: Sunday September 4, 2022 @ 7:30 PM
Where: Orchestra Section-- Kennedy Center Opera House
Cost: $205 Per Ticket- Limit 2 tickets per member
How: Tickets MUST be reserved online at

For questions, directions, or more information contact Rebecca Eisenberg X05879


Please note: Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 and a valid photo ID are required to attend all indoor performances and events at the Kennedy Center.

Unvaccinated children under 12 years of age and patrons with a medical condition or a closely-held religious belief that prevents vaccination, must provide either proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test conducted no more than 72 hours prior to attending an indoor performance, or proof of a professionally administered Antigen test conducted no more than 6 hours prior to attending an indoor performance. Masks are required at all times for all patrons and visitors regardless of vaccination status in all indoor spaces at the Kennedy Center.


Membership questions? Contact


Disclaimer: An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in all public places. PTOS cannot guarantee members that they will not be unknowingly exposed to COVID-19. Members assume the risk when attending this event.  If you, or anyone you have been in close contact with, have experienced any symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, chills, loss of sense of smell or taste, sore throat, shortness of breath, or muscle aches & pains within 14 days of the event, please skip this event.  Contact Rebecca Eisenberg ( with any questions.


Dear PTOS Members,


The 2022 PTOS Election will end at 11:59 PM on Thursday, January 13.  You should have received an email from early Tuesday morning with the subject line “PTOS 2022 Election login information.”  This email contains everything you need to access the voting website.  Please vote!


If you can’t find your email, please let us know at and we will re-send your information.


Below is a full listing of candidates.  This election also features a constitutional referendum.  See for more information about the candidates and the constitutional amendment.


2022 PTOS Election Candidates (Asterisk denotes incumbent)


Executive Officers


President: Rebecca Eisenberg*, Timothy Hsieh, Stephen Yanchuk

Vice President: Luther Behringer, David Lotter

Secretary: Ryan Clark*

Administrator: Luther Behringer

Treasurer: Matthew Troutman*


Alexandria HQ/Shirlington/Hoteling Representatives


TC 1600 (2 positions available): Rayna Rodriguez*

TC 1700/2900 (2 positions available): Brandon Rosati, Holly Thurman*

TC 2100 (2 positions available): No candidates

TC 2400 (2 positions available): William Kim*, Angela Nguyen*

TC 2600 (2 positions available): Joshua Schwartz*

TC 2800 (2 positions available): David Lotter

TC 3600 (2 positions available): Anand Loharikar, Catherine Loikith*, Jeffrey O’Brien*

TC 3700 (2 positions available): Anne Kozak*, Keith Raymond*

OCFO/OCAO/OCIO/OPIM (1 position available): Rex Rooker*

Trademarks (2 positions available): Cheryl Butler*, Monique Watts*

Director’s Office/PTAB/Policy and International Affairs (1 position available): No candidates

OPLA/OPQA/All Others (1 position available): Fred Guillermety*


Regional Representatives


MWRO (Detroit) (1 position available): No candidates

RMRO (Denver) (1 position available): Katie Gerth*

TXRO (Dallas) (1 position available): No candidates

SVRO (San Jose) (1 position available): Brent Fairbanks


At Large Representatives


Jessica Arble*, Luther Behringer*, Philip Bonzell*, Ryan Clark, Ryan Donlon*, Stephan Essex*, Robert Hodge, Kang Hu*, Anne Kozak, Anand Loharikar, Catherine Loikith, Razu Miah, Angela Nguyen, Jeffrey O’Brien, Anna Pagonakis, Keith Raymond, Brandon Rosati*, Joshua Schwartz, Holly Thurman, Matthew Troutman, Shelby Turner*



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