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Exhibit & Dance Premiere of Silhouettes at Nat’l Portrait Gallery


Exhibit & Dance Premiere of Silhouettes at Nat’l Portrait Gallery

When: October 27, 2018, Saturday.

Exhibit: meet at Kogod Courtyard by 5pm, finish by 6pm

Performance at McEvoy Auditorium: starts 6:30pm, ends 7pm


Where: National Portrait Gallery, 8th and F Streets NW Washington, DC 20001

Admission: Free


About: Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company premiering “SILHOUETTES” inspired by the exhibit “Black Out: Silhouettes Then and Now”.  See static portraits made into 30 minute modern dance of eight dancers.  Burgess choreographs a suite of seven dances, each inspired by a silhouette from the exhibit.  “Black out” features early depictions of under-represented people in portraiture by August Edouart and William Bache, with contemporary works by Kara Walker, Kristi Malakoff, Camille Utterback and Kumi Yamashita.

Look in Black Out for: Eduoart’s life-size profile of a 19-year-old enslaved woman named Flora; a double silhouette of Sylvia Drake and Charity Bryant; Bache’s album of George and Martha Washington and everyday New Orleans citizens; Walker’s panoramic wall murals of graphic scenes of plantation life; Utterback’s interactive digital work that reacts to visitors’ shadows and movements; Malakoffs life-size cut-outs of children dancing playfully around a Maypole; Yamashita’s “sculpts” of light and shadow with objects to create mixed-media profiles and “Origami” squares.

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