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PTOS discounted movie tickets.


PTOS discounted movie tickets. You must be a PTOS member to purchase tickets.

AMC Yellow Tickets: $8 each (Alexandria, Denver, and Online for hotelers only)
AMC Green Tickets: $9 each (San Jose, Detroit, Dallas, and Online for hotelers only)
Regal Premier Tickets: $8 each (Alexandria, Denver, and Online for hotelers only)

Get your tickets from the following sellers:

Eric Keasel (RND 10D39)
Larry Lee (REM 3D15)
Stephan Essex (REM 6C89)
Susan McFadden (KNOX 8C15)
Jeff O’Brien (KNOX 10C19)
Seah Nikmanesh (JEFF 7A49)
Tarun Sinha (JEFF 9C79)
Denver: Thane Underdahl
Detroit: David Posigian
Dallas: Joseph Finan
San Jose: Loan Truong (2209)
San Jose: Namitha Pillai (2214)

If you are a Hoteler, please place your order online at:
For troubles or questions about the PTOS reservation system, contact Rob Hodge.

For AMC ticket terms, see:

For Regal ticket terms see:

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