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PTOS *Alexandria* – Wine Tasting Lecture


 PTOS – Wine Tasting Lecture


Thursday Sept 5, 2019 6:00-7:00p

Oregon Vs The World


Please arrive before 6:00 to get settled and prepared

Bringing your own 3 wine glasses helps save cost and waste


Oregon’s Willamette Valley is making a solid reputation on their Pinot Noir, let’s see how they compare with the rest of the world! We will return from our trip to the Willamette Valley with specially curated wines that are not available for purchase at typical retailers on the east coast.


The tasting will include:

Riesling from Oregon

Pinot Noir from Oregon

2* Pinot Noir from Oregon

2* Pinot Noir from Burgundy



Limited to 30 seats

Cost $15

*Average cost per bottle has exceeded $50 in each of the past 10 lectures. Avg price is dependent on total # of participants.


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