PTOS Wine Lectures & Fall Wine Selection


Subject: Wine Lectures & Fall Wine Selection



If you love wine or are curious to learn more about it, there is no better time than now to join in the fun. Check out the info below for details on upcoming fall wine lectures offered to the PTOS.


Who we are


I’m Stephen. My first introduction to wine was at university where I was able to get credits for taking a wine education course! This opened my eyes to the world of wine. At the start, I didn’t even know that grapes have ideal climates and therefore not all wine regions produce all types of wines. In 2018, I started a wine lecture series for the PTOS where we held our meetings on the top floor of Remsen. Our lecture size quickly outgrew that wonderful top floor view. Since March of 2020, we pivoted to virtually guided tastings and lectures.


Since the beginning, Beth, another member of PTOS, has been there assisting me with the lectures. During this time we both studied for the WSET II, a wine certificate that verifies we know what we are talking about. We have not stopped studying for higher wine certificates and have not stopped hosting awesome, engaging lectures.   


The name put on all the lecture slides “Veni Vini Amici” means to me, “We gather, learn of wine, and become friends”.

It is the motto that has guided me to create and evolve the lectures to bring together good friends, good vibes, and good wines . Wine tastes better with knowledge and friends.





The Setup


It has been quite a journey to adapt to the virtual landscape we find ourselves in to connect with others in the time of social distancing. This picture is a behind the scenes look at how we’ve adapted to the times. Our lectures strive to have crystal clear lighting and audio so that everyone can enjoy the content as though we are in your living room.

As we have gotten more comfortable with the virtual world, we’ve realized a more permanent setup was needed. Oct 8th is the reveal of our new hosting area--I’m so very excited.


It has been a mission of mine to have both the WebEx and YouTube live running for these lectures so you would be able to pick the experience you want. You can choose to join us on WebEx and participate in the tastings live through our novel tasting experience; the real benefit is the ability to hang out, chat, and ask questions after the formal part of the lecture. You could also choose to form your own Zoom/WebEx call with your colleagues and tune into YouTube to follow along. Another benefit of the lectures being on YouTube is that members are able to go back and catch the information after the live recording.



Why is now the best time to join in?

Over the past few months, I’ve reached out to several online distributors to setup a wine club package that has reliable packaging, suitable inventory, and capability to ship to at least all the Mid-Atlantic states. I’m happy to report that it was a successful endeavor! ‘Wine Till Sold Out’ is going to provide the wine that we will be drinking during our lecture series. Below are the save the dates and lecture topics.



Your PTOS membership grants you a discount on the fall shipment!

To redeem, visit:

This is for a gift certificate. *NOTE* You will use the gift certificate emailed to you at to complete the order

Use Promo code “VVA” to get $5 off and your balance will be $0.

Limit to the first 40 Verified active PTOS members.

Last date for purchase gift certificate: Sept 23

Last date to order package from WTSO: Sept 25


Don’t want to purchase the PTOS package?  No Problem!

Everyone can still go to and use “VVA” for $5 off + Free Shipping on purchase of 4 bottles or more!

You DO NOT need to purchase these bottles in order to attend the lectures.  Feel free to pick-up any bottle that fits the theme to follow along.

Save the Dates:

[Fall Wine Order] Oct 6: Frosé PartYaY!

[Fall Wine Order] Oct 8: Rosé Lecture

[Fall Wine Order] Oct 29: Portugal Lecture

[On Your Own] Nov 19: BoJo Nouveau Day

[Fall Wine Order] Dec 10: Tour de Crémant

[Fall Wine Order] Dec 31: Vintage Champagne Toast

[Wine TBD] Jan 12: Dr. Frank Guest Lecture & Tasting

[Fall Wine Order] Feb 3: Zinfandel - Old World Vs New

For more info:

For questions: (please include “Wine” in the subject)