PTOS Election Ends Thursday, Jan. 13


Dear PTOS Members,


The 2022 PTOS Election will end at 11:59 PM on Thursday, January 13.  You should have received an email from early Tuesday morning with the subject line “PTOS 2022 Election login information.”  This email contains everything you need to access the voting website.  Please vote!


If you can’t find your email, please let us know at and we will re-send your information.


Below is a full listing of candidates.  This election also features a constitutional referendum.  See for more information about the candidates and the constitutional amendment.


2022 PTOS Election Candidates (Asterisk denotes incumbent)


Executive Officers


President: Rebecca Eisenberg*, Timothy Hsieh, Stephen Yanchuk

Vice President: Luther Behringer, David Lotter

Secretary: Ryan Clark*

Administrator: Luther Behringer

Treasurer: Matthew Troutman*


Alexandria HQ/Shirlington/Hoteling Representatives


TC 1600 (2 positions available): Rayna Rodriguez*

TC 1700/2900 (2 positions available): Brandon Rosati, Holly Thurman*

TC 2100 (2 positions available): No candidates

TC 2400 (2 positions available): William Kim*, Angela Nguyen*

TC 2600 (2 positions available): Joshua Schwartz*

TC 2800 (2 positions available): David Lotter

TC 3600 (2 positions available): Anand Loharikar, Catherine Loikith*, Jeffrey O’Brien*

TC 3700 (2 positions available): Anne Kozak*, Keith Raymond*

OCFO/OCAO/OCIO/OPIM (1 position available): Rex Rooker*

Trademarks (2 positions available): Cheryl Butler*, Monique Watts*

Director’s Office/PTAB/Policy and International Affairs (1 position available): No candidates

OPLA/OPQA/All Others (1 position available): Fred Guillermety*


Regional Representatives


MWRO (Detroit) (1 position available): No candidates

RMRO (Denver) (1 position available): Katie Gerth*

TXRO (Dallas) (1 position available): No candidates

SVRO (San Jose) (1 position available): Brent Fairbanks


At Large Representatives


Jessica Arble*, Luther Behringer*, Philip Bonzell*, Ryan Clark, Ryan Donlon*, Stephan Essex*, Robert Hodge, Kang Hu*, Anne Kozak, Anand Loharikar, Catherine Loikith, Razu Miah, Angela Nguyen, Jeffrey O’Brien, Anna Pagonakis, Keith Raymond, Brandon Rosati*, Joshua Schwartz, Holly Thurman, Matthew Troutman, Shelby Turner*