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PTOS discounted movie tickets


PTOS discounted movie tickets. You must be a PTOS member to purchase tickets.

AMC Yellow Tickets: $8 each (Alexandria, Denver, and Online for hotelers only)
AMC Green Tickets: $9 each (San Jose, Detroit, Dallas, and Online for hotelers only)
Regal Premier Tickets: $8 each (Alexandria, Denver, and Online for hotelers only)

Get your tickets from the following sellers:

Eric Keasel (RND 10D39)
Rebecca Eisenberg (RND 7D13)
Larry Sternbane (REM 3D15)
Stephan Essex (REM 6C89)
Susan McFadden (KNOX 8C15)
Jeff O’Brien (KNOX 10C19)
Renee Luebke (JEFF 10A11)
Seah Nikmanesh (JEFF 7A49)
Tarun Sinha (JEFF 8D58)
Denver: Thane Underdahl
Detroit: David Posigian
Dallas: Joseph Finan
San Jose: Loan Truong (2209)
San Jose: Namitha Pillai (2214)

If you are a Hoteler, please place your order online at:
For troubles or questions about the PTOS reservation system, contact Rob Hodge.

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