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Evening at the Embassy of Slovenia


Evening at the Embassy of Slovenia

When: Sat, March 03, 2018 7:30-10p
Where: Embassy of Slovenia
2410 California Street, NW, Wash D.C.

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A special Saturday Night in Slovenia!

Through the food, drink, live Slovenian entertainment, diplomats and other cultural aspects of the evening, we'll take in the rich customs of the Slovenian people. Savor the hospitality in this beautiful resident as we enjoy a special evening on Slovenian soil.

Enjoy a variety of Slovenian Cuisine and drinks

Featuring: Native Slovenian Musical Performance from visiting musicians
Enjoy a buffet of native Slovenian food
Enjoy a sampling of traditional Slovenian drinks

Tonight only - the embassy is welcoming a special native Slovenian musical group (in Washington D.C.. for tonight only).  Join Tina Silc, and Mak Grgic for an exciting, exclusive concert.
The concert Hues of Love brings together the love themes from a variety of world-famous 19th and 20th century Art Song composers, such as Franz Schubert, Hector Berlioz, Joaquin Rodrigo, Alberto Ginastera, Benjamin Britten and the Slovenian composers, who based their music on different literary sources: Goethe’s play Faust, Théophile Gautier’s narrative poem La Commedie de la Mort, the poetry of France Preseren and Franz Schober, or got inspired by the lyrics of the folk tunes.
Hues of Love explores different stages of Love and its possible emotional consequences. It can all start with a heart-warming serenade, yet, who knows how it may end… or just keep going.

Slovenian Food:

Prosciutto, Melon, Cheese, Figs, Olives
Octopus Potato Salad
String Beans Salad
Ljubljanski Puranji Kotleti –Ljubljana Turkey Cutlet         
Mlinci-homemade pasta served with Gravy
Beets Salad with Dandelion & Boiled Eggs
Kranjska Kobasa –Carniolan Sausage served with Sour Kraut
Belokranjska Pogaca-Salted Bread
Povitica -Nutroll
Kremsnita &Vanilla Custard Cream
Assorted Homemade Pettit Dessert

Event hosted by PTOS International Relations Committee, working with ThingstodoDC. tickets must be reserved online at *Reminder, by placing an order on the PTOS reservation system, you are responsible for the payment, unless you find a replacement.

$35 per person, limited to ONE guest per member!  Orders for more than 2 are subject to cancelation! All reservations must be reserved and PAID for by March 1st @ 5PM

Dress code: Business Attire. Casual wear, jeans or sneakers prohibited.

Cash and Check Payments can be made to: Kang Hu, RAN 10B19; Anand Loharikar, KNOX 5B35