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Abner Doubleday Softball League


Abner Doubleday Softball League


Interested in playing softball in the PTOS co-ed softball league?




Weeknight Games at Hensley Fields on Eisenhower Avenue


Tentatively starting games on June 12th.  Most games are on Tuesdays.


Open to Individuals or small groups interested in joining existing teams


The ABNER DOUBLEDAY SOFTBALL LEAGUE is a co-ed softball league affiliated with the PTOS and open to members of the Patent and Trademark Office.  The league is semi-competitive and consists of ten to twelve teams.  (We cannot accommodate more teams due to a lack of field availability.  The league allows teams from the previous season the first chance to continue participation in the league the following year.)  While team availability may be limited, we are usually able to accommodate all individuals or small groups that may be interested in playing.


Please contact Mark Ruthkosky by email or see the league website: