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**Alexandria** PTOS: Wine Tasting Oct 17

Date: 17 October 2019 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM


**Alexandria** PTOS: Wine Tasting Oct 17

Thursday Oct 17, 2019

Remsen 1st Floor Board Room



RSVP ($15):

Limited to first 25 to register!


Lift your nose from the grindstone as the EoFY has concluded

And stick it straight into a wonderful glass of wine!

Join us as we select wines based on their spooky cover

And judge them for their depth and character!


We will investigate why wines are expensive vs cheap

And what sets expensive wines apart.


Tasting will include 7 different wines based on their label


**Please arrive before 6pm so we can start on time**

Bring your own 3 wine glasses, saves cost and the planet


Questions? Email: Stephen.Yanchuk@USPTO.Gov

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