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Unofficial Gazette
On August 2, 2001, the Patent and Trademark Office celebrated its diverse workforce by holding its annual Community Day. The Patent and Trademark Office Society participated in the event by having two tables where representatives of PTOS and the Kids and Chemistry detailed all of the benefits and advantages of becoming a member of the PTOS and participating in the Kids and Chemistry program, which is sponsored by the PTOS. The PTOS table displayed flyers of upcoming events and was manned by volunteers who provided prospective and present members with information on the programs and activities of the society. PTOS thanks Jennifer Dougherty, Jennifer Gay, Joselynn Sliteris, William Neuder and Elizabeth Dougherty for taking time out of their busy schedules to volunteer at the PTOS table. Due to their assistance, the Society recruited 10-15 new members. As usual, a freebie, this year a frisbee, was passed out to current and new members. If you did not receive a PTOS frisbee and would like to have one, please contact Matthew Smith at 703-308-1323.