PTOS Virtual Game Night Series


PTOS Virtual Game Night Series

Join your fellow PTOS members for a series of virtual game nights!

Upcoming schedule includes:
• January Games:
o 01/20: Board Game Arena (8pm EST)
o 01/25: Codenames (8pm EST)
o 01/26: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 01/31: Board Game Arena (7pm EST)
• February Games:
o 02/03: Dominion (6pm EST)
o 02/09: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 02/15: Board Game Arena (8pm EST)
o 02/22: Virtual Escape Room (8pm EST)
o 02/23: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 02/28: Board Game Arena (7pm EST)
• March Games:
o 03/09: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 03/15: Board Game Arena (8pm EST)
o 03/21: Board Game Arena (7pm EST)
o 03/23: Among Us (6:30pm EST)
o 03/30: Codenames (8pm EST)

To participate in any of the above events please access: Sign-up

Events will be held virtually and participants will be provided a link to video chat and interact with other players during the game.
All game information, current schedule and sign-up list can be found via the sign-up link above.

Space is limited. See schedule and sign-up list for availability.

No other time is authorized for these events.
Questions? Contact Shelby.Turner1@uspto.gov or luther.behringer2@USPTO.GOV

Today is Wednesday June 07, 2023

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Date: 13 June 2023 16:30 to 17:30

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