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Dear PTOS Membership:


There is a vacancy on the 2022 Board of Directors for the position of TC2800 Representative, for the term ending February 2023.  This email is considered “notice” of the vacancy under Article V, Section 10(b) of the PTOS Constitution.  After 10 business days from the distribution of this email, the Board may vote a recommended member into this position.  The Board must receive a written recommendation signed by 5 active members from the affected area of representation (i.e. TC2800 Representative).  A nomination form for this purpose can be found here: https://www.ptos.org/committees/election/2022_election.html.  Nomination forms should be emailed to both robert.fuller@uspto.gov and thane.underdahl@uspto.gov by Friday, Aug 26th at 3PM Eastern.

Today is Saturday September 24, 2022

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