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End of the Fiscal Year Party

Unofficial Gazette
The end of the fiscal year brings forth one of my most anticipated celebrations, the fourth annual end of the year fiscal party, hosted by the PTOS. On October 7, 2003 the Crystal City Sports Pub opened its doors to the hoard of tired and hungry examiners.

I had the pleasure of sitting at the door and wishing everyone a happy new fiscal year. Not to my surprise, there were many similar quiet smiles and expressions, which stated, “thanks, I want to relax, and I deserve it.” Well … it could have also been because of the free, drink ticket that I was handing each of them.

The music fit the night well. The DJ played songs, which were up beat, but never too loud to prohibit the idle chatter of co-workers hanging out.

Many of the attending PTOS members gathered in small clusters throughout the reserved upstairs at the Crystal City Sports Pub. Each cluster feasted on the wings, crab dip, chicken tenders, vegetables, and many other yummies provided by the PTOS.

My friend John and I were able to have a great conversation ranging from music, to politics, to our social lives. Other PTOS members drifted in and out of the discussions. What made it especially fun is that John and I have not really had an opportunity to say much more than a hallway, “hi, how is it going?” since I switched art units over a year ago. The PTOS has always done a great job providing events for friends and co-workers to keep in touch.

The party ended early. Everyone appeared to be smiling like they just received an expressed abandonment.

Written by Michael Cuff