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PTOS Hosts CFC Happy Hour at Sports Pub

Unofficial Gazette
"Hey Cuffy, I have an idea for a fund raiser for CFC. Can you help?" And so the planning began. Chris Ellis, SPE of 3651 and a CFC fund raising coordinator, had an idea for a happy hour at the Crystal City Sports Pub as a means for raising money.

The first step was to talk to one of the owners of the Sports Pub, John Finley. John's "anything for charity" attitude was a huge help. He agreed to provide drink specials and private space. The Sports Pub further donated gift certificates and sporting event tickets.

Next step: how to get people to the event and how to pry money from them for the CFC? The answer was to put the Commissioner for Patents, Mr. Nick Godici, behind the bar and to provide games of skill, knowledge and chance. Mr. Godici was one of several guest bartenders including Chris Ellis, Jenny McNeil, Rashmi Sharma,Trista Etzig and Mike Cuff. There was a putting contest with donated glasses and a golf bag as prizes. There was a trivial pursuit contest with donated mugs and an

Entertainment Book as prizes. A special thanks to the PTOS who donated their leftover glasses and mugs to help the cause. The big raffle was made possible by the SPEs of 3600. They generously donated enough to purchase a DVD player as the grand raffle prize.

On December 7, 2000, a day which did not have much infamy, the party began. Eileen Lillis, SPE of 3673, was at the entrance greeting everyone, explaining all the activities, and taking their cover money. Avi Lerner was in charge of the golf game and Chris Bottorff ran the trivia contest. Lynne Browne, SPE of 3629, continued to sell raffle ticket right up until the drawing. Ryan Zeender, Faye Fleming, Greg Huson and Khoi Tran pitched in to help, too. About 100 people attended the happy hour. The cheap beer, the carnival like atmosphere, and the knowledge that your money was going to a good cause provided a really nice Thursday night out. At the end of the night, all the prizes had been given out, everyone had a fun night out, and there was $1,100 to donate to the CFC. "Hey Cuffy, lets make this the first annual CFC happy hour." Sounds like another good idea, Chris. Same time next year.