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PTOS International Relations Committee Welcomes Vietnamese Patent Examiners

Unofficial Gazette

By Matthew Engel


On Wednesday afternoon, November 13, 2013 the PTOS International Relations Committee, accompanied by representatives from APANET (Asian Pacific American Network), welcomed to the PTO an incoming group of approximately 15 Vietnamese Patent Examiners and their Supervisor from the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. The International Relations Committee, chaired by Luther Behringer, met at the Office of Policy and International Affairs (OPIA) and was greeted by Pete Mehravari of the OPIA. Peter is responsible for coordinating many of the incoming teams of patent examiners from international offices who visit the USPTO in order to attend seminars, lectures and complete educational training on U.S. practices. After informal introductions were made by Luther, PTOS, APANET and the Vietnamese Examiners all headed to the Trademark Bar for refreshments. It was in this relaxed environment that the examiners were able to bond and compare the types of patents they each look at on a daily basis as well as discussing unique cultures, customs and geographies. It was an overall excellent experience. If you are interested in different cultures, planning events or potentially meeting examiners from abroad, I would recommend becoming involved with the PTOS International Relations Committee.