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Counting the Benefits of the PTOS

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It’s count Monday, what are you doing? Those last minute counts? While you are hard at work, some members of the Patent and Trademark Office Society’s Membership Committee are going to the New Hire Orientation to let the new employees know about the benefits of joining the PTOS.

Do you still remember all benefits of the PTOS? Here is a reminder of the benefits highlighted at the New Hire Orientations.

The PTOS sponsors three main types of events: social, service, and educational. Some examples of educational activities are: 1) the upcoming Geographical Indications Presentation by Eleanor Meltzer on October 31st, 2) subscriptions to the monthly Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society and 3) the Visiting Scholars Program. The Visiting Scholars program gives PTOS members the opportunity to mentor a visiting official from a foreign office. The International Relations Committee hosts the Visiting Scholars Program twice a year and plans activities such as a luncheon at Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse and a pumpkin-carving contest.

The PTOS also offers members the opportunity to serve the community. The most obvious of these activities are Kids ‘n Chemistry and local science fair judging. However, there are other events that are disguised as social events, which also help members serve the community. Have you been to one of these events? If you have bought tickets to a Capitals game or a Wizards game from the PTOS then you have participated in a community service event. A portion of the cost of sports tickets supports the annual PTOS holiday toy drive.

And of course, the PTOS offers plenty of social events. Some examples from this year were the annual dinner dance held on the Spirit of Washington, three trips to Baltimore to see the Orioles, three golf tournaments, plenty of happy hours, and the annual Members’ Night on Capital Hill held this year on October 16th.

Hey, did you also know that members could buy discounted movie tickets, get a great deal on business cards, and get life insurance through the PTOS?

Those are just some of the things that the PTOS does for its members. Every count Monday the Membership Committee lets the new employees know about these benefits from the PTOS. The group consists of Jennifer Gay, Lori Coletta, Justin Bettendorf, Meredith Petravick, Heather Shackleford and Patricia Engle.

If you would like to learn more about any of these events or the committees, which sponsor these events, come to the Happy Hour on November 6th at Chipotle. There you can meet the Acting Director of the USPTO, Nick Godici and learn about all of the committees of the PTOS. Hope to see you there!